Front deck

I did some epoxy jobs, today. First I gave the mast its first epoxy layer. Then I glued the plate on the aft for connecting an outboard motor. Not sure to buy one ever, but it's easier to make it now than afterwards. I also put some epoxy on the wood of the bulkheads.
For the little front deck, with the hole in it for the mast, I had to glue two wooden parts to the hull that support the deck. First with a bit of glass epoxy, later more with wood power epoxy.
When weighing the resin and hardener, the epoxy appeared to have some white stuff in it. When I inspected the container, the complete bottom was cured! Not sure what went wrong but I continued and hoped that the used epoxy would cure. It would be a disaster if I had to remove it.

I made a hole in the boom for the rope that hould pull it down. With the applied wood epoxy you hardly see the bronze screw anymore.


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