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The epoxy stuff arrived. Most materials for the expoy work could be ordered from one and the same company. Alltogether I'll need a lot of small but essential things. Besides the epoxy (I ordered the 'slow' variant) and the glass cloth, also things like stirring sticks, brushes, rolls, syringes, etc. They told me that the minimum temperature for the epoxy was 8 degrees bit in the package on the instructions was mentioned 12 degrees. Let's not start too early.


For some new parts of the boat I needed wood. The rudder blade and the daggerboard are 12 mm okoume plywood and the seats 18 mm. It wasn't easy to find a supplier of this wood that wanted to sell less the the common 250 x 122 cm. When the employee helped me with loading the boards in my car, the car appeared to be too small. As a service they trasnported it in their own car to my shed. Yesterday I drew the lines of the parts on the wood and sew some parts.

And after emailing Chesapeak and studying the manual, I now know what to buy regarding the glassfiber cloth and the epoxy stuff. I hope to be able to buy it online tonight.

To get an idea of the boat: here is a little video from YouTube.

To make or to buy

My boat can be built with a kit. Cheasapeak Light Craft do sell them for about $1100. And if you want to sail with it, you have to spend an extra $955. I want to save some mosatisfactory to make everything by yourself.

The boat will be a saling boat. You can buy a simple aluminum mast, boom and gaff, but I willl make them of wood and epoxy. It can't be that complicated. The best way to prevent them from warping is to glue two halves with epoxy. Because it is still freezing in the shed, I have to wait until it is warm enough.

Today I have studied sailmaking. Sailrite in the USA soes sell kits for sewing it. The simpel little sail kit still costs $165. Sailmaking is not easy. It is not just a 2D square but it has to have a sort of curve in order to make the boat sail. I have found software that can help you to design the exact parts of the sail. It generates a CAD file whoch can be used in a sailcut machine. I hope to find a way in which I can print it scale 1:1.

I expected to easil…