The bottom has got a glass fabric layer. First I flattened the edge between bottom and first plank with thickened epoxy. Then I put the glass on it and added some epoxy which was left over. This bit however was already warm and curing. A mistake. The result was that this epoxy was too thick to saturate the glass and the wood under it. I immediately made new epoxy, removed the glass a little and added it to directly on the wood. When I stretched the glass again, the fabric stayed frilled. It was hard work to 'repair' that. On one place I had to cut the fabric over 10 cm, unfortunately.
Second job: I glued both planks of the wood for the oars. Second fault: I shoud have put something on the floor because of the drips op epoxy. Now, the day after, all looks well. Epoxy cured, no strange spots on the bottom. I am looking forward to the shaping of the oars but not to the necessary sanding of the boat.

For making the oars perfectly round, I made a little wooden tool. Later I will let you know how it works


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