Peanut butter

Transoms and bulkhead had to be filleted. The manual says that it was not necessary to remove the wires, but I wanted to remove them. Therefore I put some epoxy mixed with glass and wood powder between the wires. It was just hot enough in the shed, but after some days the fillet was still soft. Probably too cold in the night, because the epoxy was not cured even after a week.

Plan B: Leave the wires in place and fillet all when temperatures 20+ degrees. This went well, with home made filleting tools of plastic. Next morning, the fillets were super strong. 

With my Japanese saw, I made the bow and transom plane at the outside. Wires filed with a metal file. No more scratches and blood!

 Next job is filleting the bulkhead and the seams between botom panel and first panel. I will probably remove the wires just after filleting. This will make it easier to saw the hull. Point of concer is the sanding. Looks like I have to spend a lot of sanding hours in order to make the boats look nice.


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