...and glue

It was finally hot enough in the shed for the gluing job with the epoxy. I had prepared some parts which needed a layer of unthickened epoxy. They should be done first. 

Then the epoxy was thickened by glass powder. Just thin enough to be able to be used with a syringe.
Before that, I had turned the boat upside down on the saw horses. These were too small, so I widened them with beams and duct tape.

The gluing went well. Luckily I prepared the inside with tape. Otherwise the epoxy could drip through and make the floor dirty. It was not easy to left the stitches clean. Hopefully I will be able to remove them tomorrow. 

I found a valid reason to buy a new tool, a spoke shave: the boom and yard had to be rounded. The local wood and carpenter shop had nice pieces of wood without knots. When I was drilling one of the holes, I destroyed the wood at the end of the boom. With a new little piece of wood glued in the destroyed place as a replacement, the destruction was made invisible.


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