Woodworking for advanced

Temperatures till too low for epoxy jobs in the shed. I have used my time to make holes in the central bulkheads. The bolts which keep the two parts of the boat together, must be put in holes that are drilled in holes filled with epoxy. With that method, the wood will not be in contact with any water. So, drill the holes, fill it with epoxy and drill again with a smaller drill.

Next thing I have done: cutting rabbets at one side of each plank. The planks will overlap a little in order to get a strong connecting. 3 mm of the 6 mm should be removed at one side for half an inch. It was very hard to find the right rabbeting bit for the router. At https://rs-tools.nl/ they had the right (and expensive) one. It went well, so I can attach the parts together. The boat shape will be visible soon!


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