Epoxy problems

I am almost finished with all wooden parts. The only thing left is making the rabet on the planks. The planks of the body are overlapping Therefore the edge of the overlapping plank should be thinner for some centimters. The 6 mm must be 3 mm at that place.
I wanted to glue some parts together with epoxy but the temperture in the shed is too low for the epoxy hardening.
I moved to the attic and put some of the parts together Epoxy mixed with some filler. So far so good.
When I took a look after two hours, the epoxy however had not hardened. Something must have gone wrong. If it it still not hard tomorrow, I have to scrape all epoxy off the wood and start all over. On the photo you see me attaching the skeg to a plumb rule in order to keep it completely straight. Lessons learned: rubber gloves are beter than the ones you see in the picture, first get alcohol for cleaning, than start the epoxy job, put some plastic foil over the scale, try to make a pouring sprout to the canisters of epoxy. It is extremely hard to pour it i small quantities.


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