Plans have arrived. All parts in scale 1:1. I need okoume multiplex boards 250 x 122 cm. This can last very good in humid environments. For most parts three boards of 6 mm and one board of 9 mm will do. I had to email CLC because of the fact that I could only find 10 mm. They said that this can be used without any problem. The boat will only be a little bit heavier (and stronger).

The boat will be glued together with epoxy. Because you need at least about 15-18 °C for hardening, the shed is not heated and it's winter now, the only thing I can do is to saw the parts out of the boards. 

With the plan on the board, I punched through th epaper in the wood. Then I connected the little holes with a pencil and used a Japanese saw and a jig saw.


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